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We are an audiovisual production company, generating multiplatform content.

Since 2011, we produce content for Digital Media, Music Videos, Advertising Spots, Cinema and Television. We offer a specialized and personalized work with the latest technologies for the needs of each project. That is why we are committed to direct communication with each company or client that chooses our services, to provide them with the best technical and creative quality and to deliver each product in perfect time and form.


Julio Sonino is a director, creative, writer and editor. 
Born in Uruguay, based in Miami, Florida, Julio started at a young age working in the television industry as a cameraman in Montecarlo TV Uruguay, developing his talent on visual content along the years. After moving to Miami and working for several years in creative and graphic content for television, he started to work on his own multimedia company generating documentaries, advertising spots, music videos and another commercial and creative multimedia content. He is always involved in new projects as challenges to explore and enrich his own creative vision.


A passionate crew.
In KRH Media we are proud of what we do, so we face each project with enthusiasm and energy, working as an cheerful team navigating in the same direction. Each member contributes with a personal and professional vision to make our projects a vast developed idea that delivers a great result. 
We produce together, we came up with ideas and discuss it together, we travel together! So we can say that teamwork and passion are part of our lives.

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